Acute Pain

Our team will focus on identifying your underlying injuries.

Because each patient is unique, we create fully customized treatment plans. By combining a variety of complementary healing techniques, our treatment plans help speed the healing process and may substantially reduce recovery time.

Acute Pain

At Hayden Health we evaluate and treat all types of acute pain patients. Acute pain begins suddenly and is usually sharp. It serves as a warning of a threat to the body. Acute pain may have many causes: auto accidents, activities of daily living, sleeping in the wrong position, lifting/bending, work related injuries, and sports injuries. Acute pain can range from being mild and last just a moment to being severe lasting for weeks or months. Unrelieved acute pain, however, may lead to chronic pain. With severe acute pain, the initial treatments are geared to getting the patient to function better and experience decreased pain levels. We utilize a combination of chiropractic care, manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, exercise, massage and advice to free you from your pain. Our team at Hayden Health will create an individualized treatment plan for your specific needs.
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