Arm & Leg Pain

Our team will focus on identifying your underlying injuries.

Because each patient is unique, we create fully customized treatment plans. By combining a variety of complementary healing techniques, our treatment plans help speed the healing process and may substantially reduce recovery time.

Arm & Leg Pain

While your pain may manifest itself in the arm or leg, it actually may originate in the spine. The innervation in the body’s extremities (arms and legs) comes from the nerves that exit the cervical spine. Sometimes when you’ve irritated a nerve in the neck or low back, it sends a signal down to the hand or leg. It continues to cause pain in the arms and legs until freed from the original source of irritation. Then the nerve heals, and the arm and leg pain ceases. Nerves in the neck can be compressed by bones, discs, or muscles. This also can happen in the low back. Once we determine exactly what creating the problem (by conducting a thorough exam) we can then effectively treat the root cause of your pain. Our team will customize a treatment plan specifically for your needs.
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