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Did you know that childhood asthma is responsible for the most days missed for school and parents taking time off from work vs. any other childhood illness? It can interfere with your child’s ability to have pets, participate in sports, and play outside on certain days. Classic childhood asthma symptoms include: wheezing (a whistling sound), tightness in the chest, coughing that may keep your child awake at night, and shortness of breath. These symptoms occur when your child’s airways (bronchial passages) become inflamed. It is difficult to get air in the lungs because the bronchial passages become narrowed during an asthma attack. A mucous buildup in the passages further aggravates your child’s asthma. Some causes for childhood asthma include: air pollution, family history of asthma, exposure to second-hand smoke, low birth weight, and having a mother who smoked during pregnancy. Our team is highly skilled and knows that often your child’s body is fully capable of healing itself (we acknowledge that prescription drugs may be necessary at times). It is likely that the cause of your child’s asthma is the result of interference to the nervous system function. If this is addressed, the likely cause of your child’s asthma symptoms will be removed. The nervous system interference can occur from an injury, a fall, or from some type of accident (in fact it can even take place during birth due to the high amount of stress on the baby’s body). Our team at Hayden Health will help diagnose the cause of your child’s asthma and we will create an individualized treatment plan that will help your child quickly be on the road to recovery.
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