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How many of us loved the sensation of spinning ourselves until we were utterly dizzy as kids? Funny how that seemed to change as we got older. Vertigo is the feeling of being off-balance and dizzy (as though your surroundings are spinning or swaying). This feeling of being off balance can range from being barely noticeable to hardly being able to perform daily activities. A lot of people believe that vertigo is a condition rather than a symptom. This means your dizziness is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right. Conditions that vertigo can be caused by include: misalignment or partial dislocation of vertebrae in the neck, damage to the inner ear, or damage to spinal joints or ligaments. Chiropractic care is an excellent option for treating certain types of vertigo. Your treatment modality is dependent upon what your vertigo is a symptom of. One treatment option may be to adjust the joints that aren’t moving properly. In the upper neck, faulty motion patterns can result in mistaken information about body position and movement being communicated from your joints to your brain. This problem may be corrected with a simple adjustment. Upon proper diagnosis of what your vertigo is a symptom of, our team at Hayden Health will create an individualized treatment plan specific for your needs.
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